Lawn Mowing, Hedging and Garden Services:

Garden Maintenance

Gardening services, hand weeding, pruning, hedging, makeovers, garden tidy, Rose pruning, mulching

Gardening is more than weeding but we do hand weeding, pruning, hedging, trimming, clean ups, new garden beds, planting, garden makeovers, mass garden tidies, Rose pruning, mulching, insect control and fertilising. 

Lawn Maintenance

We do soil testing, top soiling, fertilising, lawn mowing, lawn care, trimming and colour guard.

 We can cover all your lawn needs from A to Z. We do soil testing, top soiling, fertilising (organic and synthetic), lawn mowing, acreage mowing, ride on mowing, ride on mower with catcher, trimming and colour guard.  We can accommodate acreage , residential, commercial & industrial mowing and ride on mowing services.

Lawn Aeration, Coring and Turfing

Aeration, aerating or coring lawns is vital to allow water and air into the root system.

 Helping to get your lawn healthy and keep weeds out by improving growth and allowing water to penetrate deeper into the root system.  

Need a new lawn? We can help with that too from Tiftuf, Sir Walter, Kings Pride Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia and many other varieties.

Seasonal Spraying

All seasonal broadleaf spraying, winter grass preemergence and lawn grubs and worms etc


Seasonal spraying of broadleaf weeds including Clover, Bindi, Khaki Weed and many more. We can also apply a  pre-emergent  for weeds such as Winter Grass (Poa Annua), Summer grass, crab grass, crowsfoot grass and Creeping Oxalis.

Treating lawn grub such as Army Worm, Sod Web Worm, African Black Beetle and any other grubs that get into your lawn.

Other Services

single story gutter cleaning and pressure cleaning, irrigation systems & watering service


Gutter Cleaning - Single story gutter cleaning.

Pressure cleaning - Surfaces such as driveways, paths, stairs, pathed areas and awnings.

Irrigation Systems - New, modify or fix your existing system.

Watering Services - Yes we can arrange to water your gardens and lawn while you are away on holidays or work trips.

Leaf Cleanups - Don't let the Autumn leaves get on top of your property

Our Equipment

Using our own well serviced equipment


We always use our own equipment.

We have a ride on mower with catcher (as pictured), push mowers, and everything else needed to do the job. This includes a high reach ladder for those taller hedges. We can help with your Lawn Care, lawn mowing, hedging and garden requirements

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